Talent Potential

Identify and map thepotential of your people.

Our talent potential survey is an online survey which assesses aspiration, alignment, key indicators of potential, and derailers to give an indicative judgement of potential. You receive rich data presented in individual reports and aggregate analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and succession potential of your employee population.

Do you need:

More robust data to inform identification of potential talent

To reset your talent strategy

To establish or update your succession plan

How doesit work?

Step #1

We can rapidly deploy our off-the-shelf Potential Survey or work with you to customise it to match specific needs

Step #2

We partner with your People & Culture team to support the development of your leaders to have more robust and useful talent conversations

Step #3

We help you answer the “so what next?” question once your talent calibration is complete


A more rigorous view of potential

Reduce unconscious bias

Data that informs action

Support your diversity and inclusion agenda

Evidence based succession and talent strategy

Our A.I.M Model