Why Complete a360° Survey?

Why Complete a 360 Survey?

    • Most leaders welcome constructive and specific feedback to develop – most of us want to know what others think we do well and what we could do better
    • Engagement survey results show that employees want more feedback
    • A 360 Survey provides a clear understanding of how a leader is perceived by others, and how they impact and influence those around them
    • Measures key capabilities and identifies aspects of performance which may support or limit a leader’s success and their ability to achieve career aspirations

When to Use a 360 Survey

Use a 360 Survey to provide balanced feedback to support Individual and Programme based Development:

    • To identify respective strengths and development needs
    • To raise self-awareness and kick start a development programme
    • To focus and target development activity

When NOT to Use a 360 Survey

Avoid using a 360 survey within a Performance Management or Remuneration Processes

    • Avoid using 360 surveys as a key source of data for performance management conversations
    • Avoid using 360 surveys within or to initiate a formal performance management process
    • Avoid using 360 surveys to support a remuneration review process