Internal Email Templateto 360 Participants

Further to our previous discussions this email is to confirm your participation in the 360 degree feedback process. We have an external provider, Added Insight, who facilitates this for us.

The first step is for you to nominate people to provide you with your feedback. Please ensure that your list of nominated raters is in line with the following recommendations. Our recommendation is that you select between 8 – 15 raters including all your direct reports, your manager, and at least 3 of your peers. Please note, that except for your own and your manager’s ratings and comments, all survey responses are anonymous. The categories you are able to select for your raters are:

⦁ Self
⦁ Manager
⦁ Direct Report
⦁ Peer
⦁ Colleague / Customer
⦁ Other

If you have nominated less than three raters for one or more of your rater groups or if less than three raters in each group respond (other than the manager), the groups will be merged to protect the anonymity of the survey respondents.

You will be emailed a link to upload your nominated raters into the online survey platform on Day Date Month. This email link will come from Added Insight.

Your raters will be given 2 weeks to respond to the survey. Following this, ……. will be in touch with you to schedule a debrief session on your 360 report. This report will be emailed to you just prior to your debrief session to allow you the time to read and reflect on the results before the discussion. The focus of this session will be on helping you to understand the report, interpret your results and determine the key areas of focus for your development.

Your full 360 report will be sent directly to you and to your debrief coach. It is provided for development purposes only and as such will not be divulged to anyone else without your approval. It is expected that you take the opportunity to discuss the outcome of your 360 feedback with your manager, as he/she is an integral part of your ongoing development.

Many thanks,