Giving 360 Feedback:Quick Reference Script

Welcome and Introduction – Purpose of 360 debrief:

During the discussion you are acting as a coach. It’s your role to help the participant think through their feedback in a positive way, to be the sounding board, to prompt thinking by asking questions and help them navigate the report.  Start by setting the scene:

“The purpose of the session is to talk through your 360 report, answer any questions you may have and help you make sense of it. Your 360 feedback report is based on key Leadership capabilities which are designed to help you grow and develop as a leader and focus you on behaviours that will assist you in achieving ambitious goals and strategic objectives.

Once we’ve had this session, the expectation is that you will go away and work with your manager to create a focused development plan.

    • Review confidentiality of information (who sees the report)
    • My role – to be your sounding board (360 feedback is a very personal experience and most people who receive feedback are likely to experience a broad range of responses/reactions such as affirmation, surprise, hurt, recognition, confusion, motivation leading to reflection).
    • Ask about their role and time with the organisation to establish context for the discussion.
    • Have you had a chance to read your report?
    • What was your initial response to your report; overall how did you find it?

Seeking Responses from Participants about their Report

**Be aware all recipients will have some emotional reaction to the report. In particular, if there are any ‘surprises’ (pleasant or otherwise), acknowledge their emotions, then try to get them to focus on how they can use the feedback to develop.

    • What surprises were there? What feedback were you expecting to get?
    • What rang true?
    • What are your thoughts on how people rated you?
    • What are some of the strengths that people see in you?
    • How did the messages you received differ from your own view?
    • What are some of the key messages or themes you’ve identified?

Questions to Identify Key Actions and Development Planning

    • Where will you get greatest impact from your development time?
    • What do you want to focus on?
    • What are important strengths/opportunities for you to develop considering your current role and future career goals?
    • What capabilities/behaviours do you believe will be the most useful to develop?
    • What do you want to be known for? What strengths do you want people to see in you?


What happens from here; Ideally share your feedback results with your manager – and at least the top 2-3 development areas.  Work with them through your development plan. This tool is only the start of a development initiative.  Any final questions?