Building High Performing Teams

For some time now, high performing teams have been recognised as more critical to an organisation’s success than individual superstar performers. Now, post-Covid, the stakes are so much higher creating an urgent need to refine and drive highly effective and cohesive teams. Teams which are geographically located, where team members and close colleagues have lost their jobs, where members must pick up new responsibilities and achieve results for their organisations with significantly fewer resources and significantly increased pressure. Now, more than ever, we need to get really good at quickly establishing and regenerating trust and collaborative relationships. We need to be able to constructively challenge and disagree to rapidly reach the best solution. We need to be clear on our purpose, our goals, and our individual roles, to drive results as a cohesive and interdependent unit.

We are also living through a period where genuine care, concern, and connection with our colleagues is critically important for our own and other’s mental and physical wellbeing. MIT research indicates that the most successful teams display the most social sensitivity, members contribute equally, and they help and support each other. While these factors sound simple, they elude many teams, even where teams work side by side every day. Now, in a world where many organisations are forced to or are choosing to permanently embrace the benefits of employees working from home, creating connection, trust, and co-operation is even more challenging.

So what can we do to create the environment and the behaviours required to ensure that our teams become greater than the sum of their parts? As with any effective development programme, it starts with assessing and evaluating where your team is at right now. Where are you at on your high performing team journey?

Does your team have a clear, cohesive purpose that unites the team toward a common and inspiring goal? Are all team members clear on this? Are they clear on how their individual roles align with and drive toward this outcome?

Perhaps your team is clear on purpose, goals, roles, and accountabilities but the mix of skills and capabilities within the team needs building and refining to best position it for success.

Or, like many teams, while the purpose, goals, roles, team strengths, and capabilities are all on track, HOW you work together in a truly cohesive and interdependent way hasn’t been clarified or agreed. Or perhaps, while team members are supportive and willing to help each other out, there isn’t sufficient trust or psychological safety within the team for truly courageous conversations, owning mistakes, taking the learnings, and respectfully challenging each other in order to drive the desired outcomes and achieve success.

Based on extensive literature research and many years of work with Executive and Senior Leadership teams, Added Insight’s Team Insight diagnostic and development planning process identifies team strengths and opportunities and builds team trust, cohesion, and effectiveness.

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  • Clarify team purpose, goals, and roles
  • Enhance collaboration and ways of working
  • Build trust and constructive debate
  • Break down functional silos
  • Leverage the strength of diversity
  • Create a culture of inclusion and belonging